Nintendo Addresses Reports Of Widespread Switch Joy-Con Connectivity Problems

If your brand spanking new, highly coveted Nintendo Switch is experiencing Joy-Con connectivity issues, you are not alone. Nintendo has just responded to the many disappointed Switch owners who have not received any joy from their controllers.

The issue appears to lie primarily with the left Joy-Con controller, if its signal is interrupted while in TV mode. This will occur, for example, when another person stands between the Joy-Con and the Switch. The system’s first update does not appear to have fixed the issue.

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Nintendo stated, “We have received some reports and are looking into them. As with all Nintendo video game systems, we will continue to monitor the performance of Nintendo Switch hardware and software, and make improvements when necessary. For help with any hardware or software related questions, visit”

Nintendo has also recommended that frustrated Switch owners first try moving their system into an open space away from other wireless devices and aquariums (wireless signals do not pass well through water). It is also recommended to make sure the Switch has been updated and to keep the Joy-Con controllers closer to the device. Nintendo also noted that users can turn off the controllers, however, this is obviously not ideal.

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There are some other important quirks to keep in mind about the Nintendo Switch. First, saved game data is unaffected if a game is deleted, but cannot be moved to another Switch. Second, users cannot play old games or use non-Switch controllers. Next, if you enter the wrong birthdate and fail the age verification test on the eShop, you have to contact Nintendo support to continue. Last, the the microSD card slot is under the kickstand and users can format a microSD card from the System area of the Settings menu.

The Nintendo Switch rings in at $299.99 USD, but is currently sold-out at most retailers.