Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Issues Could Be Fixed With This Super Quick And Easy Mod

Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers
If there is a knock to be had against the Nintendo Switch, it is that reports of drift issues affecting the Joy-Con controllers have been a persistent problem. We have even experienced this ourselves, prompting us to send them off for replacement. The web is home to multiple remedies you can try if you are having drift issues as well, one of which includes an incredibly simple mod. Like, really, really simple.

This has been a bit of a sensitive and frustrating issue for those affected. Back in 2019, a report surfaced suggesting Nintendo had sent a memo to customer service agents instructing them to fix any Joy-Con controllers with drift issues, free of charge. Part of the memo is said to have instructed employees to stop looking up the warranty status for those kinds of repairs.

Several months later, however, Nintendo's lawyers responded to a class-action lawsuit on the subject saying that the Joy-Con drift issue "isn't a real problem or hasn't caused anyone any inconvenience." This is despite Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa having shortly beforehand said, "Regarding the Joy-Con, we apologize for any trouble caused to our customers."

An apology over Joy-Con issues is one thing, but there is still the matter of actually resolving the problem. Do you have a small piece of paper or cardboard that you can spare? If so, that might be all you need.

According to VK's Channel, a new channel on YouTube with exactly one video posted (the Joy-Con fix you see above), increasing the pressure in the Joy-Con can eliminate drifting. He demonstrates this first by pressing on the controller with his thumb, and we can see in the accompanying calibration screen that there is no more drifting when pressing down.

As soon as he releases the pressure, however, it begins drifting again. This led him to wonder how he could apply constant pressure to fix the drifting issue for good. Turns out that a piece of paper or card stock measuring around 1mm thick will do the job.

This does require opening up the actual controller, but after removing the plastic casing, the mod only involves putting a piece of paper inside and then putting it back together. It's quick, it's easy, and it's supposedly a permanent solution.

Comments in the video have been overwhelmingly positive (it currently has 3,900 likes and just 38 dislikes), with some users corroborating the effectiveness of his mod. According the video, the problem is that the metal flaps holding the analog sticks loosens the contact prongs over time. Dust buildup can exacerbate the issue. But adding a small piece of paper—like a section of a business card—adds enough pressure to solve the issue, even if dust is also an issue.

We no longer have any Joy-Cons on hand that suffer from drifting, but if we did, we would certainly give this a try. You can too, just be aware that you could potentially make matters worse if you are not careful when opening up your Joy-Con.