Black Friday Deals 2019 Hit Early For Nintendo Switch Gamers

pokemon switch
Nintendo Switch gamers or those with Switch gamers on their Christmas shopping list will want to check out these latest console and accessory deals. If you have any Pokemon fans on your shopping list, there's a new special edition Nintendo Switch Pikachu & Eevee Edition bundle; and Amazon is offering a trade-in deal.

At Amazon, the special Pikachu & Eevee bundle sells for $426. Amazon is offering to take your normal Nintendo Switch with the Neon Joy-Con controllers and give you a $176.37 Amazon gift card for the trade. There are caveats to the trade; namely the console has to power on and work perfectly, power cables and accessories have to be included, and the console can have no cracks or "major scratches." If you took advantage of the trade deal today, you would have to ship your trade-in console by November 16.

You submit the trade and get the card back after the console is shipped in and appraised. There is always the chance with this deal that Amazon won't take your trade, and you end up paying full price. You can trade in games and other consoles for credit too.

joy cons

Amazon is also offering a discount on a new pair of Joy-Con controllers. The neon red and blue controllers are on sale for $66.99, which is a $13 discount off the normal $79.99 price. The gray Joy-Cons are $66.99, neon blue and yellow are $76.99, neon pink and green are $68.48, and neon purple and orange are $77.98.

pokemon controller

Best Buy is also getting in on the Nintendo Switch deals. The retailer is offering a Switch console with the blue and red Joy-Con controllers and a full copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for $299.99 and is offering a price match guarantee.

zelda controller

Anyone wanting a new wired controller can get an assortment of offerings from Best Buy. A PowerA Zelda: Breath of the Wild Edition controller is available for $21.99, which is a $3 discount. The PowerA Super Mario Edition controller in red is offered for $24.99. A PowerA Pokemon Pikachu Silhouette controller is $24.99. Best Buy also has an Elite Edition starter kit that includes a Switch case, Joy-Con protectors, charge cable, and screen cleaning rag for $24.99.

mario controller

Black Friday ads have been coming hot and heavy over the last week. Best Buy has some big discounts coming on laptops and TVs for Black Friday, and some of the deals are available now.