Nintendo Switch Console Pricing, Launch Date To Be Revealed During January 12th Livestream

If you are dying to know more about the upcoming Nintendo Switch (previously referred to as the Nintendo NX), the wait won't be much longer. Nintendo of America announced on Twitter that it will be revealing pricing, software lineup, and the launch date during a livestream event on January 12th, 2017. An introductory video for the Nintendo Switch was released last week.

nintendo switch

What do we know about the Nintendo Switch? The Switch is a gaming console that can rest in a dock, be played by multiple people and easily “switch” to a portable device. There are also detachable Joy-Con controllers that can be removed from either side of the Nintendo Switch, or gamers can purchase an optional Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Multiple players can bring their Nintendo Switch’s together to enjoy multiplayer face-to-face gaming.

Numerous developers are currently designing games for the Nintendo Switch, some of which include Activision, Bethesda, SEGA, UBISOFT, Unity, and Warner Brothers. Other corporations have collaborated with Nintendo on device’s hardware and software including NVIDIA, which aided in the development of the hardware and API’s for the Nintendo Switch.

Pricing has been the biggest question surrounding the Nintendo Switch. One “leak” on reddit revealed that the console will retail at around $299 for the base model, but bundles will be available at $399. GameStop's UK website had the console listed at £399 GBP or roughly $485 USD. 

Whatever the situation, the Nintendo Switch will be priced to maximize profit. CEO Tatsumi Kimishima remarked to investors that, “When Wii U was launched, the yen was very strong. I am assuming that situation will not repeat itself. Selling at a loss at launch would not support the business, so we are keeping that mind in developing NX”. Nothing will be final, however, until the January livestream.