Nintendo NX Console Unlikely To Focus On Red Hot Virtual Reality Tech

Nintendo is hoping to make a splash in the game console market with its forthcoming NX system, one that can generate the kind of the reception the original Wii did rather than the Wii U, but just how big of a splash is anyone's guess at this point. We're still trying to figure out what "brand-new concept" it will bring to the table, which apparently won't include virtual reality technology.

It's a little surprising that Nintendo isn't more interested in VR, considering how many view it as the next big thing in gaming. There's an eager market out there, and that would especially be true if Nintendo could somehow undercut the competition in price while still delivering an immersive experience. As it stands, the Oculus Rift runs $599 and the HTC Vive costs $799, both of which also require a relatively powerful PC. Sony's PlayStation VR will run $399 when it comes out this October, while Microsoft has yet to announce any VR accessories.

The Wii introduced motion controlled gaming to the console market; what will the NX bring?

"We’ve been looking at the technology, but we should also see how it fits into our products that are designed to use for the long term and how parents would feel about their children mounting VR devices," Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto told investors during the company's annual shareholder meeting.

Nintendo appears reluctant to embrace VR at this early stage. Part of the reason, as Miyamoto went on to point out, is because of uncertainty on whether or not the technology is all that great for sharing experiences and multiplayer gaming, or is better suited for watching other gamers, which itself is becoming a increasingly popular pastime.

If Nintendo does leave the VR market alone, that will put Sony and its PS4 console in good position, at least until Microsoft's Project Scorpio comes out, which will be VR-ready. It could also make things tough for Nintendo as it tries to separate its NX console from the pack.