Nintendo NES Classic Edition Shows Off Retro 8-bit Awesomeness With CRT Filter

NES Classic 2
For those gamers that honed their button-mashing skills on the original NES during the 80s and early 90s, Nintendo went right for the jugular in July when it announced the NES Classic Edition. Looking like an NES that got hit with a shrink ray, the NES Classic Edition comes bundled with 30 games and a single controller (which is also patterned after the original).

Earlier this summer, we learned that the NES Classic Edition, which connects to your HDTV using an HDMI cable, will offer a number of display modes that will help you better relive your earliest gaming memories. As we reported, Pixel Perfect mode displays each individual pixel in a square format (to take best advantage of your HDTV), CRT mode which simulates the appearance of playing on an old school tube TV (complete with scan lines), and the self-explanatory 4:3 mode (the aspect ratio of the original NES). You can also play games at 50Hz or 60Hz.

crt filter

Thanks to a new extended trailer that was released this week for the mini gaming console, we’re getting a look at all three modes in action:

The new trailer also gives us a peek at the user interface for the NES Classic Edition, which definitely has a retro feel to it. You can also see how Nintendo has implemented “Suspend Points”, which allow save states in each individual game:

Suspend Points have been added to streamline the experience of playing them. At any point during gameplay, simply press the console's Reset button to return to the HOME Menu and save a Suspend Point that will let you pick up right where you left off. Up to four Suspend Points can be saved per game, so you can track the progress of multiple players or file away your favorite moments.

savepoint nes

As an added bonus, Nintendo has added QR codes which can be scanned for each game from the HOME menu. Scanning the QR code with your smartphone will take you to the manual for the game, just in case you need to brush up on special moves in your favorite NES classics.

The NES Classic Edition launches on November 11th and is priced at $60. If you’d like to purchase another controller for two-player action, it will cost you an additional $10.