nia Gets Vista 64-bit Drivers: OCZ

OCZ Announces Availability of Vista 64-bit Drivers for the nia (neural impulse actuator) gaming peripheral

After much anticipation from Gamers and Enthusiasts, the 64-bit Windows Vista drivers are now available for OCZ’s ground-breaking Neural Impulse Actuator (the nia). New drivers have been in constant development since the release of the nia, and with this latest availability gamers using 64-bit Vista can now fully integrate the nia into their systems as a revolutionary new gaming device.

"The migration to the Vista 64 environment with the unified ver. 2.0 software suite required a complete recoding of the human interface device library, but in view of the increasing acceptance of 64-bit computing, the effort was worthwhile," commented Dr. Michael Schuette, VP of Technology at OCZ Technology. "Adding the 64-bit executable into a unified driver package to embrace Windows XP-32, Vista -32, and Vista-64 once again demonstrates OCZ's commitment to the cutting-edge gaming community that is our most loyal customer base."

OCZ Technology is committed to offering the latest information and updates for their products, along with top notch customer service and product support. For a complete listing of drivers, please visit our dedicated nia page here.