Next Generation Apple TV With A8 SoC, Siri And App Store Arriving This Summer

Apple recently slashed the price of its Apple TV media streamer for $99 to $69 earlier this month. The price cut was a long time coming, as Apple’s “premier” media streamer hasn’t seen a significant update in years (the current generation was introduced way back in March 2012) and there are other more functional streamers (namely the Amazon Fire TV and the Roku 3) available to consumers. About the only thing that Apple TV offers over the competition currently is tight integration with the Apple ecosystem and exclusive (for a limited time) HBO Now support.

Today, we’re hearing word that some new hardware is finally in store for the Apple TV. First and foremost, the processor inside the device will get a significant upgrade from the “old and busted” A5 to the “new hotness” Apple A8. The current Apple TV comes with just 8GB of onboard storage, but BuzzFeed News reports that its successor with move “well beyond” that restriction.


Another welcome addition is the arrival of the App Store, which will open up the Apple TV to a wealth of software development and brings the possibility of gaming to the big screen. The previously mentioned increase in storage space also makes sense when you think about the proliferation of games and apps that will likely be available once the Apple TV App Store opens for business.

The new Apple TV will also include support for Siri and is said to feature support for Homekit-based home automation devices. And if that isn’t enough, the next generation Apple TV will likely be a launching point for Apple’s subscription TV service.

With the current Apple TV now occupying a lower $69 price point, that should allow for the new model to neatly slip into the previous $99 price.