Apple TV Slashed To $69, HBO Now Will Launch Exclusively On Apple Hardware In April

Apple has announced that it is reducing the price of the Apple TV from $99 to $69, likely in an effort to help the wireless media streamer gain a bit more traction against more full-featured alternatives like Amazon Fire TV and the Roku 3 (not to mention cheaper streaming sticks like the Fire TV Stick, the Roku Streaming Stick and Google Chromecast).

But what may be the biggest boon for the platform is the announcement that HBO Now will be a launch-exclusive for Apple. The streaming service will give you access to all HBO programing — past and present — including blockbusters titles like The Sopranos and Game of Thrones. The only thing that you will need to access the service is an Internet connection and an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPad touch, Apple TV).


HBO Now will be priced at only $14.99 per month, and it will launch in April ahead of the fifth season premiere of Game of Thrones. Even more enticing is that HBO will allow cord cutters to have a free month trial of HBO Now, giving you free access to the most anticipated season premiers of 2015 (sorry, Better Call Saul fans).

It’s a bit disappointing that HBO Now is launching exclusively on Apple devices, but we’re sure that the service will expand to competing platforms once Apple’s “blackout period” ends.