Next Gen Consoles: Pre-orders and eBay Rules

As the latest of the next-gen consoles are getting close to their release date, we should be starting to see pre-order details from various retailers. As reports, Toys "R" Us has announced that they will be offering pre-orders for Nintendo's Wii starting this Sunday. Rumors are circulating that Playstation 3 pre-orders might also be available, but nothing has been confirmed.

"Gamers who missed out on Wii preorders at EB Games and GameStop earlier this month are getting a second chance at launch day giddiness. Toy monolith Toys "R" Us will begin taking preorders for the Wii on Sunday, October 29, the retailer confirmed today. A $50 down payment is required to get the all-important voucher that will guarantee one of the $250 systems the day it is released, November 19."

In related news, online auction house eBay will be changing their rules as to how the new consoles will initially be sold. To avoid some of the problems that plagued eBay sales of Microsoft's XBox 360, such as shorter than expected supply, and false listings, eBay has set certain conditions for selling the first batch of the next gen.