Rockstar Offering New Red Dead Redemption 2 Content For All Platforms

redben bounty
Rockstar has noted that with the latest updates and forthcoming content, from now on, all new content will be available for all platforms, including PC and console. The new Red Dead Online content this week adds a new Legendary Bounty with bounty hunters able to try and apprehend Red Ben Clempson, who is known as a ruthless train robber and murderer.

Clempson "fancies himself a bit of a dandy" with a taste for tailored suits. His suit is red, hence his name and the color makes him easy to find. Clempson and his gang were reportedly last seen near the train tracks in New Austin. Clempson is said to be a known sharpshooter making him a difficult catch.

hores skull

Along with the new Legendary Bounty also comes other challenges with Collectors having the chance to track down the Blood Flower, Chocolate Daisy, and Creek Plum for Madam Nazar. A new crackshot challenge for players to enjoy includes a new Featured Free-Aim Series, Sport of Kings. Players who enjoy gathering all types of clothing have some new items in the catalog this week to enjoy, including the Cardozo vest that is available for a limited time only.

Other clothing items are permanent additions, including the Dunaway Coat, the Purkiss and Pearrow Hats, Union Cap, Farley Shirt, and Tillson Sweater. New colors are offered on some of the other items in the catalog, and there are new boots to be purchased. Discounts for collectors include 25% off the Pennington Field Shovel and 50% off all collector Maps.

Rockstar also notes that players who connect their Social Club account with Twitch Prime will receive the Bounty Hunting License for free and an additional 10% off the Field Shovel and Collector Maps. Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC gamers launched last week, and the launch was rocky. Rockstar offered some advice to fix an issue that left the game crashing after applying a day one patch.