Nintendo Rumored To Release Two New More Advanced Switch Models At E3 2019

The Nintendo Switch has been an incredibly popular game console that has sold very well for Nintendo. The Japanese gaming giant confirmed in January that it had sold over 32 million Switch consoles as of the end of 2018. Now, a new report claims that there are two new versions of the Switch in the works.

switch box

The report claims that one of the new Switch models will have "enhanced features" and will aim directly at avid gamers. However, the Wall Street Journal report claims that the enhanced Switch won't be as powerful as the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X consoles. That would seem to indicate no support for 4K resolution gaming, but we don't know that for sure. Multiple sources from within the supply chain and software developers claim to have seen a prototype of the hardware according to the source of the report.

The second of the new Switch models will reportedly be a cheaper system aimed at casual gamers. This console will reportedly aim at the market the Nintendo 3DS addressed. One of the sources claims that the new hardware is "different from the original and you'd be surprised." E3 2019 will be the venue for the unveiling of the new hardware and the launch is tipped for "a few months later." The report includes no speculation on pricing for the consoles; the current Nintendo Switch sells for $299.99.

As good as sales for the Switch were at the close of 2018, Nintendo still fell short of its goal. Nintendo had set sales estimates at 38 million units for the end of its fiscal year. It eventually cut that goal to 35 million units.