New Networking Record, Albatron TC6200Q

Hey folks, tonight Kingston announces their new numbering system for ValueRAM used in Intel servers. If the ram is is designated with an "I", you can be sure it's been validated by Intel's validation group. Good night!

Kingston Launches Line of Validated ValueRAM Modules for Intel-based Servers

Parts Designated with an "I" Provides Extra Measure of Convenience, Quality Assurance for ValueRAM Server Memory Customers

Fountain Valley, CA May 4, 2005, Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the world's leading independent memory manufacturer, today announced that, as part of its participation in the Intel Memory Validation Program, it is enhancing its current line of ValueRAMR products with the inclusion of ValueRAM parts designated with an "I". Parts with this designation have
been validated by Intel's authorized validation group for their server platforms.

"Servers are mission-critical systems and downtime is very costly. KingstonR understands the importance of server memory performance. With our expanded line of ValueRAM parts designated for Intel server motherboards, customers can easily identify the ValueRAM module they need for their mission critical servers," said Louis Kaneshiro, senior technology manager, Kingston. "Customers seeking ValueRAM modules, simply need to look for part numbers that end with and "I" in the part numbering schema" continued Kaneshiro.

Prior to the release of this new part numbering schema, customers were required to check the Intel Web site for verification of Intel-validated components. Now, customers ordering designated ValueRAM "I" skus can be confident that they're receiving the same module posted on Intel's memory validation list. These new parts are backed by Kingston's lifetime warranty, comprehensive testing and will receive the full benefit of both Intel and Kingston technical support.

AMD, Tyan, Suse Set Networking Record @ AMD Zone

"Nelson & Associates benchmarking laboratory measured a sustained data rate of 6.5 gigabits per second from a single 2U form factor server powered by AMD Opteron(tm) processors. One endurance test ran continuously for 48 hours and transferred over 1,000 terabits (1 petabit) of user data between 96 FTP client machines and the single FTP server. These data rates were achieved with the common IPV4 protocol and standard 1,500 byte packets."

MSI NX6600GT-VTD128SP Videocard Review @ PCStats

"Since competition has always been a deciding factor with mainstream videocards, manufacturers are really pulling out all the stops to differentiate their 6600GT-based cards. The standards are pricing, flashy colours, lights, silent cooling set-ups, or even an occasional software package. MSI has pretty much done all of this."

Albatron TC6200Q @ Viperlair

"The TC6200Q is right in between the performance of the 915G and the PCX5750. It does beat the PCX5750 in our Splinter Cell tests, but in everything else it has a good margin in both directions. It is playable at 800*600 in both UT2004 and Half Life 2, but not really playable at any of the other resolutions/tests."