New Heatsink Planned For ATI R600

More breaking news in from the Inq... The collective ears of ATI fans worldwide can rejoice as Fudo over at The Inquirer has confirmed that ATI will be changing to a new heatsink assembly design for the company's upcoming R600 flagship GPU. Although effective, the dual-slot heatsink assembly on all high-end R520/R580 graphics cards is painfully loud and obnoxious and is nearly on par with the infamous GeForce FX 5800 cooler. ATI's engineers will have to be creative in their design however as recent flagship GPU's have already taken advantage of the performance benefits allotted by heatpipes, blower fans, and using copper in place of aluminum.

"We have confirmation that ATI plans to do something about its rather criticized R520/R580 cooler. It is efficient, but sometimes it can get rather noisy. Nvidia's heat pipe G70 and G71 GTX cooler does a better job as it is not as noisy."

With R600 rumored to be a very hot GPU (figuratively and literally) the heatsink assembly could be the final piece of the puzzle which ultimately determines how successful the new graphics card will be.

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