New Beta Drivers From NVIDIA For Vista

NVIDIA's latest beta drivers for Windows Vista, Forceware 101.41, was released to the public last friday and after a great deal of anticipation, the guys over at Bit-Tech have good things to say. Addressing issues such as the functionality of 6 and 7 series GeForce cards in SLI, NVIDIA has added SLI functionality to these cards under Windows Vista including the 7950GX2, which requires SLI functionality to run properly. NVIDIA says they haven't ironed out all the kinks yet, but Forceware 101.41 is a good step forward.

here is an old saying that says, "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb." Well, the "in like a lion" part is at least accurate in our industry. Nvidia has finally released its latest beta drivers for Windows Vista this week, and we took a look. The verdict? Not too shabby! The new drivers, Forceware 101.41 to be exact, have been hotly anticipated through the gaming sector. Our contacts at Nvidia promised us repeatedly that the new ones would bring SLI support to 7-series and 6-series cards, which previously was cause for either games or Vista to crash (on every release after the very first build). This release blunder even crippled the 7950 GX2 card, which required SLI to run properly.