New ATi Theater 550 Pro Chip Announced!


Turn any PC into a High End TV and Personal Video Recorder With ATI's
Revolutionary Video Processor

September 14, 2004 - Multimedia personal computers take a giant leap forward today, finally reaching the video quality levels associated with high-end $2000 consumer televisions. ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX:ATY, NASDAQ:ATYT) is proud to announce and ship the THEATER(TM) 550 PRO video processor that delivers superb TV reception and Personal Video Recording (PVR) functionality for PCs through products such as add-in PC cards, motherboard-down solutions and notebook computers.

THEATER 550 PRO continues the THEATER(TM) family tradition of industry-leading video reception achieved by ATI's consumer Digital TV division. THEATER 550 PRO integrates five discrete functions into one powerful chip to create a "PVR-on-a-chip" that revolutionizes video quality for PCs, allows for the creation of new small form factor computers and reduces production costs.



And we've got a bit more detail for you on the chip and board implementations here, with a couple of snaps from ATi's recent presentation to us on the technology.


ATi's THEATER 550 PRO integrates:

- Next Generation 12-bit Video Decoder that features 3D Comb Filtering for NTSC and PAL and 5-line 2D Comb Filtering that delivers absolutely unrivaled video quality.

- Next Generation Hardware Video and Audio Encoder with new features such as Advanced Noise Reduction.

- PCI Express X1 and PCI interface on a single device to allow PC companies the ultimate flexibility in form factor designs.

- Digital IF Demodulation that improves video quality and reduces the overall solution cost by eliminating the need for expensive tuners.

- Worldwide multi-standard Audio Decoder.


Word is we should have hardware to look at in the not so distance future as well.  We'll keep you posted with all the details once we get the boards in our lab.