NEC LCD Technologies introduces new highest resolution LCD module for medical use

17 Oct 2006 , Tokyo : NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd. today announced the development of a new monochrome, 21.3-inch (54-centimeters-diagonal) amorphous silicon thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) module. Boasting the industry's highest resolution in the category of monochrome LCDs for medical use, this LCD is ideal for diagnosis of radiogram interpretation, in particular, digital mammography images.

The new LCD module is being positioned as a top-end product in the company's monochrome LCD module lineup and commercial production is targeted for the middle of 2007. Its resolution of 2800 x 2100 pixels (approx 6 mega-pixels) surpasses that of NEC LCD Technologies' high-end module NL256204AM15-01/01A, which has a resolution of 2560 x 2048 pixels.

Furthermore, each pixel of this monochrome LCD module consists of three sub-pixels, and a 10-bit TFT LCD source driver enables individual sub-pixel control of 1024 grey-scales from input to output. This realizes simultaneous display of 3070 grey-scales (equivalent to 11.5 bits) per pixel, without the need for any interpolation technologies such as frame rate control (FRC). As a result, the new LCD boasts extremely high quality, making it appropriate for radiographic image diagnosis with mammography, which requires a high density and high level of grey-scale quality.

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