Navicore Brings GPS Navigation to Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

With the growing support of geo-tagging, I can see many uses for this type of device. A friend of mine is a service technician for a communication company. He is routinely called out on "locates", which means he must drive to a site and mark the locations of buried cable. Imagine, if you would, being able to geo-tag these locations, such that the requesting party could simply query the location. Acquisition would be a one time task, and multiple service calls to the site could be eliminated. Others that may benefit from this are municipal services such as police and fire departments, delivery services, outdoor enthusiast, and disaster relieve efforts. Of course the tools to do this are already available, but this device offers a higher level of integration, making it a more attractive alternative.
Navicore Personal on the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet takes the best features of the navigation software to a new level, with Internet enhanced navigation that truly benefits the high-resolution widescreen display and WiFi connectivity of the device. Internet enhanced navigation helps people on the move to access various Internet services directly from the map, and to easily navigate to interesting locations found from the Internet. The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet is an innovative, portable device designed for web browsing and other Internet use such as media, email, VoIP and instant messaging. Featuring an impressive high-resolution widescreen display and intuitive interface, the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet offers a seamless Internet experience over Wi-Fi broadband or mobile phone connection. "With Navicore Personal we are adding yet another great application to the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet," said Ari Virtanen, vice president of Convergence Products, Multimedia, Nokia. "So not only can consumers benefit from quick and convenient access to all their favorite Internet services, with Navicore they will also be able to find out where they are, where to go and how to get there. The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet has just become a personal, pocketable navigation device."