Watch As Korean Bred Kia Stinger GT Bests Ford Mustang GT US Muscle In Quarter Mile

Most people who are shopping for a Ford Mustang, an RWD sports/muscle car, aren’t likely to be cross shopping that car with a Kia. However, with the new Kia Stinger GT on the market, the Korean sedan might be something that Mustang shoppers are considering in today's market. The guys from Throttle House took a Kia Stinger GT packing the twin-turbo V6 and all-wheel drive to the drag strip and pitted it against a Mustang GT automatic that does have aftermarket tires, different springs, and factory Magneride suspension.

sting mustang

Anyone who's ever tried to launch an RWD Mustang on an unprepared surface with over 450hp on tap knows that it's not easy to do. The Stinger GT, on the other hand, has AWD and launch control making it as easy as hitting a button and lifting the foot off the brake to launch. In the video, you can clearly hear the Mustang spinning rather than putting the power down. If you are wondering, there are no details offered so we have no idea what the trap speed was or the ET, but the Mustang was most certainly catching the Kia on the top of the track.

The two cars were also taken to a road course and put through their paces. A Kia GT certainly isn’t a track car, but the guys say it did well. The Kia has lots of body roll in the video. They do offer Race Chrono data for the cars if you want to know the particulars. The Mustang ended up being about three seconds faster on the road course and the driver admitted to only being able to do a couple hot laps per session in the Stinger due to brake overheating. The video above is a fun watch, check it out.