Music Industry Execs Hoarding Pirate Gold?

Various companies and even the RIAA have either settled with or won numerous law suits against pirates and/or networks that allow piracy such as the old Napster or Kazaa.  We're talking at least 9-figures worth of damages awarded and/or settlements paid off, but yet the artists don't seem to be getting paid:

"Artist managers and lawyers have been wondering for months when their artists will see money from the copyright settlements and how it will be accounted for," said lawyer John Branca, who has represented Korn, Don Henley, and The Rolling Stones, among others.

"Some of them are even talking about filing lawsuits if they don't get paid soon."

It would be an incredibly ironic end to the music industry vs. piracy if record labels and/or the RIAA became the targets for law suits brought on by the talent they represent.