Mushkin PC2-5300 vs Corsair PC2-5400, ASUS P5GDC Deluxe and more!

Good afternoon to all of you, it's certainly a great afternoon for me. According to FedEx, my Athlon 64 package is supposed to arrive today. With all of my excitement, I realize I'm still a little kid a Christmas time. The cold weather, the snow, and of course the new toys... it still brings back that same feeling. Though now that I'm older, I'm able to appreciate the family gatherings a little bit more, but the gathering of new hardware is almost as good :)

Mushkin PC2-5300 vs. Corsair PC2-5400 review @ MetkuMods

"With the latest chipsets there have been many new terms and technologies introduced to the public. In system memory this meant the introduction of DDR2 memory modules. With lower voltage requirements, 4-bit prefetch and enchanced registers the DDR2 is a step forward in terms of technology."

Rock Quaddra 64 3.7 Laptop @

"All in all, Rock's Quaddra 64 3.7 is a tasty desktop-replacement laptop that oozes power. An AMD Athlon 64 3700+ makes short work of 2D tasks and a 128MB Mobility RADEON 9700 takes most games in its stride. For the asking price of £1408 (inc. VAT) I'd like to see Rock specify 802.11g Wireless connectivity as standard, and, perhaps, a touch more system RAM."

Unattended Windows 2000/XP Installations @ PCStats

"The goal is to help you create a bootable WinXP/2K install CD which not only contains the latest version of your operating system, but also has any SATA/RAID drivers needed to install Windows and all the necessary drivers Windows will need for your hardware. Not only that, once you start the installation process it will install all of this automatically in on go, without any input from the user. Grab a coffee, and let's get started!"

OCZ PC4200EL Platinum Edition @ Club Overclocker

"OCZ is at it again. There latest offering gives you the most desired memory chips available right now with a guaranteed high FSB and low latencies. It's hard to ask for anything else in performance ram, but OCZ still delivers more. When most RAM companies would say, that's good enough, OCZ says, we want you to overclock it so we are going to warranty it up to 3.0V."

ASUS P5GDC Deluxe @ Viper Lair

"With the ability to upgrade yet maintain your current DDR, this motherboard provides enough flexibility to make it well worth a look. You will need a new graphics card since the 915 Grantsdale chipset doesn't support AGP, replacing it with PCIe, but this statement rings true for the majority of 915 boards (discounting the AGPe equipped boards)."

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