Lenovo Yoga Laptops With Intel Meteor Lake CPUs Inside Pop Up At Retail

intel meteor lake composite
Back at Innovation '23, Intel announced that its Meteor Lake processors would be officially-launched on December 14th. Despite the fact that they haven't made their debut, Intel's first disaggregated CPUs have already appeared in a few places, including a handheld from Hong Kong as well as in some Lenovo laptops being sold in Bulgaria.

This listing over at FlySystem, a Bulgarian tech e-tailer, is to our knowledge the first time that Meteor Lake parts have appeared in a device being sold at retail. There are two laptops on offer from FlySystem, but they're nearly identical; a pair of Lenovo Yoga Pro 7 machines with 14.5-inch "3K" screens—probably 2880×1620 resolution—refreshing at 120Hz.

flysystem lenovo meteor lake listing
Both systems on offer include touch capacity, 32GB of DDR5 memory, and a 1TB PCIe SSD, although only one of the machines comes with Windows installed; the other one is listed with "DOS", which basically means "install your own OS." The only other difference in the two appears to be the color and the SoC; the model with the Core Ultra 7 155H comes in "Tidal Teal," while the laptop built around a Core Ultra 5 125H is "Luna Grey".

lenovo yoga pro 7i
A current-generation Lenovo Yoga Pro 7i. The new ones probably look similar. Images: Lenovo

Sadly, the laptop listings have shockingly few details about the systems, particularly about the as-yet-unreleased Meteor Lake CPUs that they use. We'd like to know about core counts, clock rates, or anything really, but there's just none of that information to be found here.

The listings do include prices, though: 2579.70 Bulgarian Lev for the Core Ultra 5 model, and 2948.36 for the Core Ultra 7 version. Those prices convert almost exactly to $1,400 and $1,600 USD, respectively; quite normal pricing for a Lenovo Yoga Pro 7.

intel core ultra branding
The new iconography that Intel is using for its Meteor Lake processors.

Unsurprisingly, the listings at FlySystem say that the laptops aren't available yet, so these prices could possibly be placeholders. They look legitimate to us, though. We shouldn't have too long to wait; Intel's launching Meteor Lake on December 14th, and we wouldn't expect its partners to be far behind with laptops so-equipped.