MSI's B760M Mag Mortar Motherboard Looks Up The Challenge Of Overclocking Non-K CPUs

MSI BCLK OC motherboard chip hero
There is evidence that MSI is preparing to launch some next-gen mid-range motherboards that will facilitate overclocking with non-K suffixed Intel Core processors. Hardware leaker Chi11eddog spotted a couple of MSI MAG B760M Mortar Max Wi-Fi motherboards featuring Renesas RC26008 clock generators. With this generator equipped on the PCB, opportunities for BCLK overclocking are enabled. For example, a humble Core i5-12400 appears to have been overclocked to 5.0GHz (125MHz x40) using this motherboard (see screenshot below).

PC enthusiasts and DIYers interested in Intel CPU overclocking have been steered towards premium priced 'K' suffixed CPUs and the highest tier Z series motherboards for several generations. Earlier this year, it was noticed that some non-K CPUs could still be overclocked using BCLK adjustments on motherboards featuring discrete clock generators. Sadly, for those interested in the value and mid-range of the market, and thus the most likely i5-12400 customers, only high-end motherboards typically come with these optional components.

MSI BCLK OC motherboard chip details

This method for overclocking Intel's 12th Generation Core 'Alder Lake' processors was first noted back in January 2022, when the 12th Gen non-K processors were pretty new to the market. Overclockers and other hardware tinkerers noticed that some motherboards featured an option to "Unlock BCLK OC." Intel was quite quick to warn against enthusiasts overclocking in this way, as news spread that overclockers were achieving incredible feats such as OCing a Pentium Gold chip to 5.8GHz, and pushing a Core i5-12400 to 5.2GHz.

We have been waiting for more affordable B series motherboards to come along and make BCLK overclocking of Alder Lake non-K processors worthwhile to mainstream users. Now, as Intel is almost ready to unveil its 13th Generation Core 'Raptor Lake' non-K processors, MSI appears to have lined up at least two 'MAX' B760 boards (DDR4 and DDR5 versions) which are expected to come packing the necessary discrete clock generator for BCLK overclocking.

Yesterday, we reported on the MSI B760 motherboard lineup leak which indicated pricing for these motherboards will hover around the $200 mark. Thus, they won't be priced significantly differently to previous gen MSI (B660) boards, where an equivalent exists. With these new foundational PC components on the way, we must assume that Raptor Lake non-K processors will also be overclockable using the BCLK method, as long as a clock generator is available on the motherboard.

Overclocking for better performance arguably shouldn't be exclusive to purchasers of 'special' CPUs and high-end motherboards, so we hope that other motherboard makers will follow in MSI's footsteps with similar mainstream B760 + clock generator offerings.