MSI Also Joins Windows 7 Upgrade Bandwagon

We already heard that Asus would be following Microsoft's plans in regard to Windows 7 upgrades, and now MSI is making sure that prospective buyers fully understand that they will as well. From purchases of MSI machines starting back on June 26th, owners will be offered the change to snag the Windows 7 upgrade for only a "small processing fee."

Once Windows 7 gets loose on October 22nd, discs of the new operating system will be mailed out to users so that they can upgrade from Vista. Official details of the program are below, but the gist is this: don't hold back on buying an MSI machine now, as you'll be able to get your slice of Windows 7 just like the fall buyers will.

A Windows 7 section has been set up on the MSI website to help consumers understand the Windows 7 upgrade program. The process and conditions for consumers to take part in the Windows 7 upgrade will be explained in detail in this section along with a list of MSI models that support the Windows 7 upgrade. A link to Microsoft's Window 7 upgrade application website is also provided. Also included is a detailed FAQ that will help answer any problems a consumer might have about upgrading to Windows 7. MSI Windows 7 upgrade website:

Once the Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade program is activated, consumers can purchase Windows 7 certified MSI notebook computers and then pay a small processing fee to receive a Windows 7 upgrade voucher. Once Windows 7 is released, all they have to do is visit Microsoft's Windows 7 upgrade application page and pre-order their notebook upgrade by entering the upgrade voucher serial number and other basic personal details. Once done, they can upgrade to Windows 7 without any further purchases.

When Windows 7 is officially released, all consumers that pre-ordered their upgrade will receive a Windows 7 Upgrade CD-ROM. This will upgrade their original Vista Home Premium, Business and Ultimate operating systems to the latest Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate operating systems without any hassle. Once the upgrade is complete, they will be ready to experience the power and allure of the all-new Windows 7 right away!