Mouse Grips, Power Supplies and Controller Card

Good morning friends, how are you?   After pounding out some benchmarks last night I decided some downtime was in order, so I fired up my new game, Hitman: Contracts.  If you haven't played this series, think of a cross between Splinter Cell and Max Payne.  In the game you play an assassin that gets hired by various employers to "hit" specific targets.  At the end of each mission you are paid according to how stealthy you were and how much... eerr... clean up is required.  Though this game is definitely not for the kiddies, if you feel the urge to assassinate someone with a pool cue, this is the one for you. ;)

Mouse Grips @ Viper Lair

"Adding "grip" to you mouse may seem to be a pretty stupid idea. Once I actually gave it a try though I must say I was surprised. The product did exactly what it was supposed to. The Neoprene added some comfort level to my mouse as well as some grip. One added benefit is that it is also a lot easier to tell where your hand is on your mouse."

SilenX 400W Pro iXtrema PSU Review @ BigBruin.Com

"When the top of the device is removed it reveals a tightly packed assortment of circuit boards, wires, and resistors – just as you could expect with any other power supply today. On closer inspection you might notice this device comes with a small thermal diode designed to read the ambient case temperatures and adjust the cooling fan accordingly. A nice touch for the computer user with a nearly silent computer in mind."

Enermax Ultimate Controller (UC-A8FATR4) Review @Hardware-Pacers

"The Enermax Ultimate Controller makes it capable for a user to control up to four fans simultaneously. It is the perfect noise solution for a hardcore system. When video games are played, all a user has to do is turn four knobs and the fans will spin at full speed. It also has features such as beeping when the fan speed goes below 1000 RPM or 2000 RPM, depending on the configuration, and an LCD display that shows the temperature for a maximum of four zones."

SilverStone Technology SST-ST40F(PFC) 400 Watt Power Supply

"Out of all the things inside your tricked out rig, you will rarely be asked what power supply you have. One of the most (if not the most) essential parts of your system has to be your power supply. Without enough juice to the goods, you'll undoubtedly have headaches with your system; whether it be stability, failure, noise, or even heat. The power supply has to be one of the most researched products in your box."

Time to jet friends, I will catch you later today :) - Cheers