Motorola Xoom Launches February 17th for $700

For the better part of the second half of 2010 there's been plenty of hype surrounding the emerging tablet market, but few actual product releases. As 2011 slowly gets underway, things are starting to look different already. CES was bustling with working tablets, Android 3.0 is just around the corner, HP is expected to launch its webOS-based Topaz slate next month, and according to a leaked Best Buy database screenshot, Motorola is planning to launch its Android-based Xoom tablet on February 17th.

Engadget got its paws on the internal document, which shows an in-stock date of February 16th. That's the day Best Buy will receive inventory of the device, and it will go on sale a day later, according to a second document that apparently "explicitly pinpoints February 17th as the launch date."

Xoom will be the first shipping tablet based on Android's Honeycomb (3.0) platform, which Google designed specifically with tablets in mind. It won't come cheap, however. Still citing leaked info, expect the Xoom to retail for $700, which includes 32GB of built-in storage.