Motorola Pokes Fun at the iPhone's Lack of Flashiness

The latest zinger of an ad that clearly pokes at the iPhone comes in the form of a full-page Motorola Wall Street Journal ad. As shown above it's pretty obvious they are targeting the lack of Adobe Flash support on iOS.

The image came via Ben Forta who posted it via Twitter. It sames simply, "Flash websites? There's a phone for that" showing the new Motorola Droid 2, which ships with Android 2.2 (Froyo), and has been given a recent update that allows downloading Flash 10.1 from the Android Market. Froyo is required to run Flash.

Apple has made some highly criticized decisions, such as the exclusion of Flash on the iPhone, including the ban of cross-compiled Flash apps from the App Store. The jury is still out on Flash support in Android, which many say slows the browser and device down to much, which has been part of Apple's reason behind its ban.

Other recent ads that have targeted the iPhone from other manufacturers have included pokes at the iPhone's "death grip" problem. Motorola's is just the latest in that series.