Motorola Moto RAZR Folding Phone Secondary Screen Details Leaked

Earlier this month, Motorola confirmed that it is indeed working on a folding smartphone (likely dubbed Moto RAZR); one that will inevitably be compared to the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the crowd favorite Huawei Mate X. Previously, a potential design for the smartphone was revealed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, which showed off a folding primary display (portrait orientation) and a smaller secondary display on the exterior (which can be used when the primary display is closed).

motorola razr 1

Now, the folks over at XDA-Developers claim to have received some insider information on how the secondary display will function. For starters, unlike the Galaxy Fold and Mate X which can give you access to the full Android experience when the primary display is folded closed, the RAZR’s secondary display will be more limited in functionality. According to the publication, the display will be reserved for preinstalled Motorola system apps like Moto Actions, Moto Display and Moto Camera.

However, there will also be other uses for the secondary display, including the ability to use it to scroll through webpages that are viewed on the primary display. We’re assuming this would be done by gripping the phone in your hand and scrolling with your index finger.

A total of six Quick Settings tiles can be configured on the display, giving you easy access to various phone functions when the primary display is folded. When taking selfies with the primary camera, the primary display would be pointed away from you. So, XDA-Developers claims that the user can tap on the primary display to take a picture, or swipe up to zoom-in. 

motorola razr 2

One other feature reserved for the secondary display is the ability to show an animation for the Google Assistant when invoked. However, this would be an optional setting; users could instead require that the phone be unlocked and unfolded to access the Google Assistant.

We have no idea what kind of specs the Moto RAZR will have or what the resolution of its portrait display will be, but given the rumored price tag of $1,500, we hope that it at least has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 onboard.