Motorola's RAZR Flip Phone Remake Spied With Trick Folding Display

Late last week we received word that Motorola was working on a successor to its widely popular original RAZR flip phone. However, rather than being a "dumb phone", this would be modern design with all the "luxury" trappings of the Android operating system.

motorola razr 1

Today, we're getting a closer look at what Motorola is potentially cooking up thanks to drawings that were found in a December patent filing with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). There is nothing by way of logos or any information regarding the specs of the device, but we can clearly see the overall design language of the phone, which most definitely pays homage to the original.

The device takes on the traditional flip phone form-factor of its progenitor, and chucks the physical keys in the bottom half in favor of a single, folding [uninterrupted] display that you view in portrait mode. There are a number of details that are liberally borrowed from the RAZR v3 including its thick "chin" at the bottom and a secondary screen on the outside that displays information with the device is folded.

motorola razr 2

"I think people are kind of yearning for and remembering back to that RAZR -- when it flipped open, and the sound of that, the feel of that. Where is that today? And it seems like an opportunity," said original RAZR co-creator Paul Pierce in an interview last month with CNET

"We're trying to understand what we can do to revive some of that but it's got to be done in a way that fundamentally delivers on incredible experience. It can't be done just for a gimmick or something of that nature. We've got to figure out how to deliver a breakthrough."

This breakthrough device is rumored to have a price tag of around $1,500 when it launches this year, and Motorola parent company Lenovo is only expected to produce around 200,000 units for consumers.