Motorola Concept Phone Twists Like A Pretzel So You Can Wear It Like A Smartwatch

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Motorola has unveiled a concept phone that makes us wish for the future to come sooner. Indubitably, the showpiece for the no-name device is the bendable display that can be shaped into a few variations to fit the needs of the user, such as being worn on a wrist or propped up for video calls.

With phone manufactures slowly, but surely perfecting folding displays, the natural evolution to that would be adaptable displays (and thus smartphones) that morph to meet various demands of the user, according to Motorola. At Lenovo Tech World '23, Motorola showed off its Adaptive Display phone, an Android-powered concept phone that bends like a Gumby toy. 

Lenovo-owned Motorola showed off the possibility of wearing the phone like a bracelet or watch by merely bending the 6.9-inch display in a C-shape. The phone's UI will transform into something more akin to a smartwatch, while built-in generative AI will help the user match the watch wallpaper to their outfit, for example. We're a hundred percent sure that the phone won't stay on your wrist under any vigorous movement, but it is a concept, so we'll cut it some slack.


Another use case presented at the event is that the phone can be positioned upright in stand mode. By bending the lower quadrant for the device backwards to become a stand, users can utilize the rest of the 4.6-inch of display to make video calls or take selfies.


It's worth repeating that the Motorola Adaptive Display phone is just a concept, not an actual product you can buy. The company offered no details of the device itself apart from the various use cases and that it's an Android-powered device with a FHD+ pOLED (possibly 21:9 ratio) panel. Still, adapting the concept to reality is not too farfetched either. After all, stretchable and twisting displays are already a thing, although it will probably take another five years or so before we see something mass-producible and therefore remotely affordable.