More AMD Barcelona Benchmarks Surface

The gang at The Inquirer has aquired some new information regarding AMD's upcoming native, Quad-Core processor, dubbed Barcelona.  They've got a number of synthetic benchmark results that paint a very good picture of Barcelona's performance, should they turn out to be correct...

"These performance numbers were based on systems using the Opteron 2356, or known to the world of us regular folks as AMD Quad Core at 2.3GHz. The price of this processor is currently set at $796 USD in quantities of 1000, so we'll see what can Clovertown at 2.66 GHz (Xeon 5355) do about it…

So, what will Barcelona deliver?

For starters, SPECint_rate2006 and SPECfp_rate2006 speak the voice of doom for the 366 MHz faster clocked Xeon - and these are the reasons why Intel was downplaying performance of FP and praising the INT. These figures were from a few months ago, so things may well have changed since then. But in the Integer test, a Barcelona 2.3GHz yields 21% higher score than Clovertown 2.66 GHz, but Floating Point test leaves a staggering 50% performance deficit for Clovertown, and this is not something 45 nanometer Penryn can solve overnight. Unless, of course the clock deficit for AMD is such that Intel speeds past."

We'll know exactly how Barcelon performs once we get the processor in our lab and can run our own suite of benchmarks.  But for now this is interesting news.
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