Moneual MonCaso 932B HTPC Case

The guys over at XYZ Computing just got their hands on the new Moneual MonCaso 932B HTPC case and have put together a review that may be helpful for anyone who needs to choose a case for their future HTPC.

Home entertainment is a very interesting thing. Enthusiasts are willing to spend large sums of money to get the right gear and a small upgrade to parts like tuners, televisions, and speakers can easily bring them from being reasonably expensive to downright unreachable for most consumers. HTPCs have followed this trend- while there is still a very strong enthusiast community lot of companies are beginning to sell expensive pre-built HTPC solutions that cater to hobbyists who want the best and are accustomed to spending a considerable amount of money on their equipment. This review will be taking a look at a company that most people have not heard of before, Moneual. These guys make a range of computer hardware, most of it aimed at home theater builders, and also sell full systems. The case we will be looking at, the MonCaso 932B, is their flagship HTPC enclosure and it is the same one used on the company's $4995 902T2 system.

It's easy to see that the guys at XYZ Computing have done their homework.

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