Mobile G80 Ready for Santa Rosa Launch?

X-Bit Labs reports that NVIDIA's CEO is indicating that the company will likely have a mobile variant of the new G80 architecture ready for the launch of both Windows Vista and Intel's new Centrino Pro platform in January 2007. An interesting tidbit from the article is the possibility that NVIDIA might make the upcoming GPU's exclusive to the Centrino Pro platform. Doing so would certainly make life easier for Intel, as they'll be trying to convince consumers to opt for the new platform and not for an earlier Napa-based model.

"Santa Rosa notebooks are DirectX 10 notebooks. They are Vista, DX10, Blu-ray disk, high-definition video notebooks. And we are the only supplier of DX10 GPUs today, and the only one sampling [DirectX 10] notebook GPUs. And my expectation is that we... Our success on the Santa Rosa transition should be quite a bit higher than our success even with Napa," said Jen Hsun Huang, Nvidia's president and chief executive officer, during the conference call dedicated for the company's third quarter fiscal year 2007 results.


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