MMORPG Clan Rivalry Leads to Real-Life Murder

Online video games are serious business, with millions playing games around the world. Usually the pwning occurs in the virtual world, but sometimes as in this case, the line gets blurred and it crosses into the real world.

It all started when two clans - the Coo-clocks, made up of mostly students, and the so-called Platanium with more experienced gamers of over thirty - started fighting to wipe out each other on screen.  

33-year-old Albert used to spend hours in front of his computer. On the web he had his own clan and a dozen of warriors. Just days before the New Year in a virtual battle his clan killed a member of the hostile Coo-clocks. 

Days later the enemies agreed to meet literally face to face in the real world.

Their confrontation led to tragedy. Albert was badly beaten and died from his injuries on the way to hospital. 

Worse, Albert's sister has received death threats since the incident.  And this is the second real-life murder over Lineage II in Russia.  Hey, guys, it's just a game, right?

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