Mionix Labs NOAS QG Mouse Tracks Your Vital Signs While You Get Your Frag On

Over the years, we've seen numerous examples of how peripheral vendors have tried to remain competitive, and perhaps not surprisingly, many of the technologies introduced have revolved around making us better gamers. The way the promises are delivered to us, in fact, would make you think that there's only one thing stopping you from becoming a pro-gamer, and of course, it's probably that newfangled feature that the respective company is talking about.

I think it's safe to say, though, that most of us have accepted the fact that we're never going to be a pro-gamer. But that doesn't mean that we can't still enjoy the features that target those who are. Take Mionix's NAOS QG, for example, which caters to stataholics like me.

Mionix Sensor Mouse Design

Mionix isn't too well-known on these shores, but the company has been enjoying rapid growth over the past couple of years. With what the NAOS QG brings to the table, it might just be what the company needs to start making devouts of other companies take a second look.

Currently in a Kickstarter stage, the NAOS QG gaming mouse aims (no pun, of course!) to give gamers a number of important stats to help improve their gameplay - stats that can't be relayed through software alone. Your heart rate, for example, requires a special sensor on the back of the mouse, as does skin response. Other stats that could be included on current mice but is touted as a feature here is an actions-per-minute metric and also movement data.

Mionix Sensor Mouse Ingame

Equipped with the NAOS QG software, you'll gain access to game overlays that will allow you to track things as you play. That's neat, but something I think is even cooler is the fact that when your heart rate spikes, the software will automatically take some screenshots so that you can revisit your excitement or misery later.

To learn more about the NAOS QG straight from the CEO of Mionix, Carl Silbersky, check out the video below:

Mionix has set a $100,000 goal for the NAOS QG, with nearly $30,000 being reached as of the time of writing, and with 38 days remaining. Given the initial excitement surrounding the mouse, it wouldn't surprise me at all if that target was hit well in advance.

What do you think of Mionix's NAOS QG?