Minisforum Teases An AMD Hawk Point 3-In-1 Windows Tablet With A 165Hz Display

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Although AMD hasn't said a single word on Ryzen 8000, we're already getting more details on the first device confirmed to use a processor from the upcoming series: Minisforum's 3-in-1 gaming tablet. The initial press release for the V3 focused primarily on the hardware (especially its Ryzen 8000 "Hawk Point" APU) but not so much on how it looks. However, Minisforum's teaser video offers a better look at the seemingly high-end gaming tablet and shows off its slim size and large display.

Hardware-wise, nothing new has been revealed for the V3 (which was already fully detailed last month), but we now have a much better look at the product's exterior. The tablet uses a 2560x1600 resolution display, basically 1440p with a 16:10 aspect ratio, and from the video it's clear that the V3 will be about as thin as could be. 

Minisforum V3 tablet 3 news

The teaser video also shows off its two USB4 ports, USB Type-C port with DisplayPort functionality, 3.5mm audio jack, and SD card slot. The V3 is a complete, functioning tablet in its own right and can be paired with a keyboard like the Surface Go, but that Type-C/DisplayPort also allows the V3 to be used as an external monitor, making the V3 a potentially long-lasting and versatile device.

Of course, much of the focus on the V3 is centered on its Ryzen 8000 "Hawk Point" APU. Nothing official is known about Hawk Point so far, but according to leaker Moore's Law is Dead, this upcoming chip is apparently identical to Phoenix but has an RDNA 3.5 integrated GPU and an updated neural processing unit (or NPU). For a gaming tablet, having a newer iGPU will of course be an advantage.

Minisforum V3 tablet 2 news

Unfortunately, Minisforum's teaser didn't mention any info about the release date or price, perhaps because the original press release revealed a little too much about Hawk Point. However, MLID claims that Hawk Point is slated for the first half of next year, and assuming this chip is mostly a refresh as the leaker claims, then that sounds about right.