Mini-PCs, DDR2, Budget CPUs, PSUs and a Bunch More!

Happy Friday all!  Looks like a lot of people have been very busy in the hardware world this week. We've got a slew of news for you on a typically quiet Friday morning.  We're all working on some awesome hardware ourselves, so stay tuned.  I wonder how many of you feel real old after checking out Rob's retro Coleco piece.  I know I got a reality check when I can remember playing that pocket football game when I was a kid.  It was so cool at the time.  Ugghh...getting old :(

September High-end Gaming PC Buyer's Guide @ Sharky Extreme:

"Today on Sharky Extreme, we've posted our September High-end Gaming PC Buyer's Guide, where we take $2500 in search of high-end Intel and AMD gaming systems"

Kingston DataTraveler Elite 512MB USB Flash Drive @

"Today we have the DataTraveler Elite 512MB USB Flash drive from Kingston. Sporting USB 2.0 support and some rather nifty security features, this may well be the last USB drive you will ever need."

Enermax EG475P-VE (24P) Noisetaker ATX 12V v2.0 Power Supply Review @ EXTREME Overclocking:

"In keeping with the times, Enermax has released a new line of Noistaker power supplies that are ATX v2.0 compliant. These PSUs meet the high current requirements and provide the proper connectors for the latest Intel & AMD motherboards. When building a new system (or upgrading one), the power supply is often overlooked as a key component, when in fact it is probably THE most important part of the PC."

Corsair 675MHz DDR2 (Twin2X1024-5400C4PRO) @ Bjorn3D:

"Today, I'm going to take a quick look at some DDR2 from Corsair in the form of the TWIN2X1024-5400C4PRO 1GB kit. You might be thinking to yourself, '5400!?!' Oh yeah...this RAM is designed to run at 675MHz. The fastest DDR I reviewed was 550MHz, so I was definitely excited to check out this DDR2 kit from the top performance memory company on the planet."

Shuttle's XPC SN95G5 mini-barebones system & The Tech Report:

"Unfortunately, perfection is inherently fickle. And so are we. While the SN95G5 comes close to perfection—perhaps closer than any other XPC—a couple of unsightly blemishes taint the cube's otherwise considerable appeal. Join me as I explore what makes the SN95G5 so sweet, but also what ultimately leaves a bitter aftertaste."

New Budget Processors Comparison: Intel Celeron D vs. AMD Sempron @ XBitLabs:

"The major topic for discussion in our new budget CPU guide is the eternal rivalry between the two new value processor families from AMD and Intel. We tested 14 new processors in 27 benchmarks and now we are ready to name the best choice for a budget system. Find out who the winner is!"

CEDIA Coverage Part 1: TV's and Displays @ Designtechnica:

"We are just starting to see new high-end audio products starting to include HDMI connectivity. However, one has to be careful about HDMI at this time. Those products that currently include HDMI only pass 2.0 digital audio and not full-blown 5.1 audio, which include A/V Receivers and DVD players/recorders. Presently, only two manufacturers have announced A/V Receiver products with 5.1 audio HDMI switching capabilities – Denon and Pioneer. Others will follow in 2005."

That's a wrap for now my friends.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

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