Miners & Minors Both Like Video Games

For years the defense department and even some large corporations have utilized games as a method of teaching people various trade tasks.  It appears that miners are perhaps the newest recipients of 'video game' based training.

Considering the staggering cost of serious mining equipment (think 7 and 8 figures each), the idea of training and even employment pre-qualification on a virtual platform might make sense.  It certainly seems that it makes sense to Caterpillar, who brought their video game 'simulation' to Peru this week for a mining convention.  Apparently the new training method earned some new fans:

“Giant video games with throaty diesel engines powering monster-sized earth movers, excavators and dump trucks have hardened miners at a metals conference this week in Peru giggling like children.“

There's no word on how many points running over the foreman is worth nor if there are any DirectX 10 visuals, and we're secretly praying that there is no 'Hot Coffee' mod/patch/hack out there for this game.