Minecraft Receiving Big Boss Update October 18th For Windows 10, Gear VR And Pocket Editions

Are there any Minecraft fans in the house? Mojang’s sandbox video game is about to receive a “Boss Update” for Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android and iOS and the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta. The update was announced at MineCon in Anaheim, California.

minecraft add ons

The Boss Update includes several interesting new features, including add-ons. Mojang’s Marsh Davies remarked, “They let you remix mobs, switching out the models, textures and behaviors. Rideable chickens! Ultra-explosive pigs! Et cetera!” Players will be able to customize the appearance of animals, mobs, and other items by working with JSON. 

Mods tend to be a PC-specific add-on, however, the add-on’s will also work on mobile. Many Minecraft players run older versions of the game because their mods are not compatible, but going forward, anything the users builds for the game using the add-on method should continue to work in Minecraft.

Some potential add-ons include “Alien Invasion” and “Castle Siege”. “Alien Invasion” was introduced at E3 and requires players to defend their city against an alien invasion. “Castle Siege” is the brain-child of SethBling, Blockworks and MindCrack and allows players to either defend a fortress or join a mob of monsters to attack it. “Alien Invasion” and “Castle Siege” will both be free to download.

The Boss Update allows players to also use stash commands. Players will be able to easily summon items, set the time, change the weather, and teleport to places. Worlds will also be able to be exported and imported with less difficulty.

custom creeper

The Boss Update will also add more controller options. Players will be able to utilize a wireless Xbox One controller with Bluetooth on the Windows 10 and Gear VR versions. Windows 10 will also receive Oculus Touch input support for VR.

All of the updates are coming October 18th. Until then, Minecraft fans can tune in to the latest happenings at MineCon.