Minecraft Earth Early Access Goes Live In October, Here’s What To Expect

minecraft earth
Minecraft fans have a lot to look forward to starting next month. Early access for Minecraft Earth, the Minecraft AR game, launches in October. The devs recently gave up lots of details at Minecon Live about what gamers can expect in the coming months. But of course, the biggest thing from the event was the talk of Minecraft Earth incoming.

Once early access is opened up, the devs say that they plan to have Minecraft Earth all over the globe by the end of 2019. Minecraft Earth uses augmented reality to allow gamers to build Minecraft constructions in the real world using their phones.

The initial beta of Minecraft Earth started in late August in five cities. Fans can check this page for more details and sign up for Minecraft Earth. Minecon 2019 also had other announcements that fans of the game will like to know about.

An opening cinematic for Minecraft Dungeons was unveiled at the event, which can be seen above. Mojang also announced the Minecraft Festival for September 25th - 27th, 2020 in Orlando, Florida; it will be the first event of its kind ever held. The three-day celebration will focus on all things Minecraft with interactive exhibits, inclusive gameplay, fierce tournaments, intense live entertainment, exclusive merchandise, creativity-sparking panels, and the opportunity to meet content creators and Mojang devs.

Also announced was a new Minecraft board game developed by Ravensburger in collaboration with Mojang called Minecraft: Builders & Biomes. The board game lets players explore Overworld, mine resources, and build structures while collecting weapons to defeat mobs. The board game is set to launch later this year.