Microsoft's Surface USB-C Dongle Is Outrageously Sized And Priced

For those of us that have bought new laptops or convertibles in the past two years or so, USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports have become commonplace. While USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 peripherals aren't nearly as ubiquitous as those using USB-A, it's nice to have the ports built-in. Microsoft, however, has been reticent to adding even a single USB-C port to its recent Surface products.

microsoft surface USB C dongle

So, Microsoft has come up with the above solution and just look at it -- it's massive! That is a single USB-C port that plugs into Microsoft's proprietary Surface Connect interface on the side of its Surface Pro, Surface Book and Surface Laptop. So not only is this device large and unsightly, but it also cannot be used on any devices that don't have a Microsoft logo on it.

Given the size of this brick, we'd think that Microsoft could fit at least two USB-C ports, but we digress. In addition, it requires its own external power source (25W minimum at 12V). As for support for USB-C displays, Microsoft says "Display output and data throughput capabilities are dependent on the USB-C docking solution used." 

surface pro

According to The Verge, the Surface USB-C done will be available for sale Friday June 29th priced at an eye-popping $79.99. We often rag on Apple for its overpriced dongles-- its USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter costs $69 -- but this Surface USB-C Dongle probably takes the cake.