Microsoft's Chromium Edge Browser Launches January 15, Download Release Candidate Now

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Microsoft took us all by surprise when announced that its EdgeHTML-based Edge browser would be getting a ground-up redesign to leverage Google's Chromium engine. For Microsoft, it was a move that was meant to bolster the appeal of its first-party browser, which has been languishing far behind Google Chrome after once dominating the scene throughout much of the late 1990s and early 2000s with Internet Explorer.

The new Chromium-backed Microsoft Edge browser has up until this point been available in both Canary, Dev and Beta channels, but the company has now announced that the first release candidate build has been released. The release candidate is available for both Windows (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7) and macOS platforms.

The release candidate is the final step before we get to the official, stable release of Edge. In that case, Microsoft says that it is "targeting" general available for the first stable, public release of Edge for January 15th, 2020. For those keeping track, that is just one day after Microsoft will end extended support for the positively ancient Windows 7 operating system.

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Edge is currently available on three channels depending on your comfort-level when it comes to dealing with new builds and inevitable bugs. The Canary channel is updated nightly, while the Dev channel gets updates on a weekly basis. Finally, the Beta channel is updated every six weeks. Once the Production channel goes live next year, Microsoft's aim is to maintain the same six-week turnover as the Beta channel.

"Today marks an important milestone as we head to the formal launch of Microsoft Edge and Bing for our commercial customers in January," wrote Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft Corporate VP for Modern Life & Devices. "As we enter the new year, we are excited to share more about how we will expand opportunities for developers, and later in the spring even more for consumers. It’s time to expect more from the web."

You can download the Microsoft Edge Release Candidate build by downloading from the Beta channel with the following link.