Microsoft Launches Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Customization In Partnership With SCUF

Hardcore gamers have been able to pay a premium for a much higher end Xbox One controller for the past year and a half. The customizable Xbox One Elite accessory delivers a more responsive and custom gaming experience with hair trigger locks, interchangeable paddles, swappable thumbsticks, and other amenities. Now in collaboration with Scuf Gaming, Xbox One players can take their customizations to a whole new level.

Scuf signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft last year that allowed allowed it to use Microsoft's paddle design and become the exclusive third party accessories partner for the Xbox One Elite controller. Now it is kicking things up a notch with a new range of "Designed for Xbox" products built specifically for the premium controller. It also announced the "Scuf Elite Customization Program" that allows gamers to build a custom controller.

Scuf Elite

"Since announcing our partnership with Scuf Gaming in October of 2015, fans have been eager to learn how the partnership would deliver more customization options for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. Today, we’re excited to announce that you can create a custom Xbox Elite Wireless Controller through the SCUF Elite Customization Program. Starting at $149.95 USD, fans can build their ideal Xbox Elite Wireless Controller and choose from a selection of unique designs and color treatments, including faceplates, buttons, trim and SCUF accessories. Pricing may vary based on the customization options selected," Microsoft stated in a blog post.

There are over two dozen Xbox One Elite controller designs to choose from, which are broken down into five categories: Scuf Elite Carbon Fiber Collection, Scuf Elite Designer Collection, Scuf Elite Digital Camo Collection, Scuf Elite Prestige Collection, and Scuf Elite Spectrum Collection.

Scuf Xbox One Elite Controller

Starting prices range from $140 to $160. From there you can customize a variety of options, such as the color of the trim in certain places, what type of thumbsticks you want, and so forth. Most of these come at a cost, making it easy to configure a $200 controller.

Go here to check out the available options and to configure your own custom controller.