Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Finally Arriving October 27th

Microsoft turned more than a few heads when it unveiled its Xbox Elite Wireless Controller earlier this year at E3. At the time, Microsoft would only commit to a Fall release and not a specific date. However, a quick visit to the Microsoft Store now shows that it will come out on October 27, 2015.

If you pre-order the controller by 2PM PST on October 23rd, Microsoft promises you'll receive it the day it's released. The caveat? It's priced at a penny shy of $150. That's a premium price for a controller, especially since the 500GB Xbox One console sells for $350 (with game bundle).

Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller isn't meant for casual gamers. It's a "pro-level" controller that gives gamers a lot of customization options. It comes with a variety of interchangeable metal thumbsticks and D-pads, removable and interchangeable paddles, and hair trigger locks.

That's all on the hardware side. On the software side of things, Microsoft offers more customization through an "easy-to-use" app. It allows gamers to change the minimum and maximum values of the triggers, adjust thumbstick sensitivities, and map buttons however they like.

If you're stoked about the Xbox One Wireless Controller, you can place your pre-order here.