Microsoft Windows 7 And Server 2008 R2 Sees RTM

We'll still never know if that supposed Windows 7 build from around a week ago was actually the one Microsoft planned on shipping out to OEMs, but either way, those rumors have been put to rest by the software giant today. Exactly three months before Windows 7 is expected to hit store shelves and be snapped up by--well, at least a few groups of consumers out there--the Windows 7 OS has been RTM'd. For those less savvy with technical jargon, that's "released to manufacturing," which means that a final version of the operating system has been decided upon and sent out to legions of partners.

Once received, those partners can begin customizing their machines to best handle the new OS, but considering that the minimum requirements are the same as those for Vista, that shouldn't be an exceedingly difficult task. In related news, Microsoft also chose today to ship Windows Server 2008 R2 to manufacturers, and it too should be generally available on or before October 22, 2009. Needless to say, everyone up in Redmond is quite excited, and as tech enthusiasts, so are we.

Just a few more dog days of summer left until we get a new OS to tinker with--who wouldn't love that? Trust us--the folks in this video above are totally in love with that idea.