Microsoft Windows 10 Launches Worldwide, Erases Painful Windows 8 Memories

One of the reasons Windows 8 never resonated with the public is because there were too many jarring changes, both in appearance and functionality. To make matters worse, Microsoft dismissed the criticisms by taking a 'father knows best' approach -- you'll use it and you'll like it! But users didn't like it, and even one of Windows 8's designers eventually admitted that the Metro UI "is the antithesis of a power user."

Well, that's all water under the bridge, old news, yesterday's events. Windows 10 is here, finally. And unlike Windows 8, early impressions are mostly positive. Make no mistake, Windows 10 isn't Windows 8/8.1 with a Start menu, it's much more, and perhaps Microsoft was spot on to skip Windows 9 when naming what it claims is the version of Windows.

Also unlike Windows 8, Microsoft's newest OS is partially based on your feedback. You, the user, helped shape the Windows 10 experience.

Windows 10

"From the beginning, Windows 10 has been unique – built with feedback from five million Windows Insiders, delivered as a service with ongoing innovations and security updates, and offered as a free upgrade to genuine Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 customers," Microsoft stated in a blog post.

It's fast, it's secure, and it has several new features like Cortana integration, a new Edge browser that lets you scribble on the web, and of course the familiar Start menu with a fresh coat of paint and new tricks. By and large, this is the OS you asked for, and it's here.

If you haven't received your free upgrade yet, hang tight, Microsoft is updating eligible PCs in waves. Alternately, Microsoft has made available a Windows 10 media creation tool available for both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors, just make sure you have your Windows product key handy.

Have you made the jump to Windows 10? If so, leave a comment and let us know what you think.