Microsoft Edge Is A Windows 10-Only Browser For Now

There are a bunch of reasons to be excited for Windows 10, and one of the biggest is Microsoft's brand-new Web browser, called Edge. We've covered the browser formerly known as Project Spartan numerous times, and not only does it look great, Microsoft is trying really hard to make it the best browser - period.

As it appears, even if it does manage to become the best browser, it's going to be exclusive to Windows 10. This information comes from Michael Gillett, a Microsoft MVP for Windows Consumer Apps, who's at the ongoing Build Tour in London.

Edge HotHardware

It's hard to read between the lines with a comment like this. Does Microsoft strictly mean that previous versions of Windows are not a priority right now, or is it simply discrediting the idea of Edge hitting alternative OSes? I'd wager that this revolves entirely around Windows 10. Considering the fact that the company is giving the OS away for free during its first year, it probably finds little point in backporting to previous OSes, especially when Edge utilizes mechanics Windows 8 and earlier don't have - Cortana being a big one.

We may never see Edge available for Windows 7 or 8, but that comment does make me curious about whether Microsoft could ever port it to Linux or OS X. While that might sound a bit "out there", remember that the company did at one point product Internet Explorer for OS X. In some ways, it could be deemed important that Microsoft branch out, especially given today's mobile landscape. People love to sync their data between devices, and if Edge is exclusive to Windows, that might deter many from giving it a shot.