Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Ships October 17th Unlocking Mixed Reality Powers

Windows 10 Action Center

Microsoft first announced the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update in May, and has pushed out Insider Preview builds of the software on a continual basis. However, Microsoft has finally put a shipping date on the Fall Creators Update, and the big day is scheduled for October 17th.

“Our mission at Microsoft is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more,” said Windows Chief Terry Myerson. “One of the ways we’re supporting that mission is by taking this next step in our Windows journey and empowering the creator in all of us with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.”

The Fall Creators Update will bring with it a number of enhancements to the Windows 10 experience including vastly improved inking. You’ll now be able to ink directly on PDFs, and Microsoft incorporates artificial intelligence to help improve upon your inking skills (i.e. making your drawn squares and circles look perfect) and there’s even a Find My Pen feature for when you inevitably lose your pen between the couch cushions.

OneDrive Files On-Demand brings back a new and improved version of the Placeholder feature that was introduced with Windows 8.1. Placeholder allows you to visually see all of the files that resided “in the cloud” but only synced files to your desktop as they were needed. Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, decided to bury the feature when Windows 10 was introduced, much to the dismay of many users. Now that it is returning in the Fall Creators Update, Microsoft has fulfilled its promise to resurrect the feature for power users.

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The Fall Creators Update also includes an improved Game Mode, and a new GPU resource tracker now resided in Task Manager. And we can’t forget that the Fall Creators Update will unlock the power of the Windows Mixed Reality platform. We already discussed the Lenovo Explorer yesterday, which will arrive in October price at $349 for the headset alone or $449 as a bundle with a pair of motion controllers. Windows Mixed Reality allows users to immerse themselves in virtual reality gaming, internet browsing, and even in apps like Microsoft Office.

For the first time, we are talking about a mixed reality system that fully immerses you in the experience not limited to a mobile device screen size,” added Myerson. “One that is easy to setup, not requiring you to mount cameras around the room, just put the headset on your head, plug it into your PC and get started, leaving your hands free to interact with the mixed world.”

So, if you’re eager to get your hands on the Fall Creators Update, you can either play guinea pig with the Insider Preview right now, or wait just over a month and a half for the software to reach RTM status.