Microsoft Will 'Soon' Enable Button Remapping For All Xbox One Controllers

Pesky little things like a mortgage and little Billy's college fund might prevent you from plopping $150 on the fancy pants Xbox One Elite controller. Don't sweat it, your pedestrian controller is still a fine tool for gaming, and it's going to get even better when Microsoft rolls out an update that allows for remapping the button controls.

Such an amenity is currently one of the perks of the pricey Xbox One Elite controller, which will be available on October 27. As a gamer pointed out to Microsoft on Twitter, it's also a feature that comes standard on the PlayStation 4, so where's the love for Xbox One owners rocking a regular controller?

Xbox One Controller

"It's coming for all controllers soon," Mike Ybarra, Microsoft's director of program management, stated on Twitter.

For gamers interested in a "pro-level controller," there are still reasons to consider the Elite -- it's customizable with different size buttons, has interchangeable paddles, uses hair trigger locks, and sports a premium design.

Porting the remappable buttons feature over to regular controllers doesn't devalue the Elite, so don't hold your breath waiting for a price drop. However, it does up the game of standard controllers, both for players looking to fine tune their gaming experience to suit their style of play and for people with disabilities who may require a certain button configuration.

As for exactly when the feature will roll out, Microsoft didn't say anything other than "soon." We're hopeful that means it will be included with the new Xbox One Experience due out this November.