Microsoft Wants Your Ideas For Killer Open Source HoloLens Apps

Microsoft HoloLens Share Your Idea

Microsoft has some big ambitions with its HoloLens "mixed reality" headset, and it seems to be for good reason. While HoloLens won't offer a virtual reality experience that most of the industry hype is currently hovering around, it can deliver experiences that could be considered even cooler. Who's never felt the urge to want to battle a monster right in their living room? Or make the car-buying experience a truly interactive experience?

If you have other ideas that come to mind, Microsoft wants to hear from you. With a new project, the company is seeking out community input about applications that could effectively be killer apps. When you submit an idea, the community at large will be able to vote on it, and at the deadline, January 11th, Microsoft's development team will pick out the three most viable ideas and get right to work on developing around them.

This isn't a contest, so there isn't some overall prize to try for, but what will happen could be considered a prize enough. If your idea is chosen, you'll be involved in the development process. You'll be provided weekly build reviews, and will be able to participate in Q&A sessions. You'll effectively "see how it comes to life".

If that wasn't awesome enough, once the idea is followed through, Microsoft will open source the code it created and share it with the community. This will allow eager developers to make use of it to create their own awesome thing, and at the same time help give consumers a reason to consider HoloLens. This is a win-win, as far as Microsoft would be concerned.